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Setting Nil-Rated, Exempted, Zero-Rated & Non-GST Items & Goods using Tally.ERP9

With the introduction of GST, the goods and services have been classified into Nil Rated, Exempted, Zero Rated and Non-GST supplies. The Purchase or Sales of these goods to a local or interstate customer does not attract GST, and can be recorded using a Purchase / Sales voucher.  Let us take a look at what distinguishes each of them with some examples:


GST Applicable

Type of Supply

Eligibility for ITC


Nil Rated


Everyday items


Grains, Salt, Jaggery, etc.



Basic essentials


Bread, Fresh fruits, Fresh milk, Curd, etc.

Zero Rated


Overseas supplies, Supply to Special Economic Zones (SEZ) or SEZ Developers





Supplies for which GST is not applicable but can attract other taxes


Petrol, Alcohol, etc.

In case of above Items and Goods , the option Nil Rated / Exempt has to be selected as the Taxability in the GST Details screen of the item or  item group master.

1. Setting Nil-Rated & Exempted items and Goods :

Stock items are goods that you manufacture or trade (sell and purchase). It is the primary inventory entity. Stock Items in the Inventory transactions are similar to ledgers being used in accounting transactions.
1.            Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Info. > Stock Item > Create (under Single Stock Item ).
Setting Nil-Rated & Exempted items and Goods in Tally.ERP9

2.            Enter the Name of the Stock Item.

3.            Enter the Alias name of Stock Item (if required).

4.            The field Under will show the List of Groups . Here you can select the Stock Group to which the Stock Item belongs. By default, Primary Stock Group appears in this field.

Note: You can create a new stock Group by pressing Alt+C at this field.

5.            This field will show the Unit List . Here you can select the Unit of measure (UoM) applicable for the stock item. By default, Not Applicable appears in this field.

Note: You can create a new UoM by pressing Alt+C at this field. For stock items without UoM, the cursor will not move to the Quantity field during voucher entry.

6.            If GST is enabled, set GST Applicable to Applicable and enter the GST details by enabling the option Set/alter GST Details  to Yes. You will get the window of GST Details for Stock Item as below:

Setting Nil-Rated & Exempted items and Goods in Tally.ERP9

Do it ... Yourself !

Swayam Sales deals the following Nil-Rated / Exempted Items and goods which purchased and sold in his business. Create the following Items as details given.

Name of Items

Unit of Measurement

Taxability of GST

Moong Dal

(Unit is Kg. with Decimal 3)

with Nil Rated GST


(Unit is Kg. with Decimal 3)

with Nil Rated GST


( Unit is Pcs.)

with Exempt GST


( Unit is Kg. with Decimal 3)

with Exempt GST


2. Setting Non-GST Goods in Tally.ERP9:

Some goods such as petroleum crude, high-speed diesel, motor spirit (petrol), natural gas, aviation turbine fuel, and liquor fit for human consumption, are not covered under GST and hence are classified as non-GST goods. In Tally.ERP 9, items can be set as non-GST goods.

1.            In the GST Details screen of the stock item or stock group, click F12: Configure .

2.            Enable the option Set type of goods? To Yes

Setting Non-GST Goods in Tally.ERP9

3.            Press Ctrl+A to accept.

4.            In the GST Details screen, set the option Is non-GST goods? to Yes to configure the item/group as Non-GST.

Setting Non-GST Goods in Tally.ERP9

5.            Press Ctrl+A to accept.

6.            Save the item or group master.

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