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Journal Voucher (F7) in TallyERP9

It is for adjustment between any two ledgers. No outside parties, like Debtors, Creditors, Branches/Divisions are involved. These are for rectification entries in which as any kind of adjustment for non-cash or bank transactions are recorded here.

Gateway of Tally.ERP 9 > Accounting Voucher > Click on F7 : Journal

Transactions:Depreciation charge on Furniture of ₹.. 5,000/- & Machinery of ₹.. 20,000/- respectively.

Journal Voucher (F7) in TallyERP9

Do it ... Yourself !

Record the following Journal Voucher with date wise…


Sl. No. Date               Transactions

1.  30/4/2020       Interest on Loan is due on Loan from Axis Bank Ltd. of Rs.7,500 (F7: Journal)

2.  30/4/2020       Salary for the Month of April is due on Salary Payable of Rs.22,000 (F7:Journal)

3.  30/4/2020       Salary of Rs.2,500 is adjusted against Advance of Staff. (F7: Journal)

4.  25/5/2020       Following Expenses are paid by Cuttack Office (F7:Journal)
Repair and Maintenance                 450
Rent Paid                                       350
Electricity Bills                                600
License Fees, Municipal Taxes etc.  500
Subscription & Membership Fees   420
Fuel and Maintenance of Vehicle   520
Warehousing Expenses                  325
Insurance Premiums                      650
Legal Expenses                              450

Journal Voucher (F7) in TallyERP9

5.  29/5/2020    Interest Charged by the Supplier Sony India Ltd. of Rs.3,000 (F7:Journal)

6.  30/5/2020    Interest on Loan is due in Case of following (F7:Journal)
Loan from Mr. You           2000
Loan from Mr. Me            3000

7.  8/6/2020      Following Expenses are paid by BBSR Office. (F7:Journal)
Repair and Maintenance                         550
Rent Paid                                                400
Electricity Bills                                          350
License Fees, Municipal Taxes etc.            250
Subscription & Membership Fees             200

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