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Creating Service Ledger with GST Compliance in Tally.ERP9

In case of Service oriented Business like…Chartered Accountant, Lawyer, Advertising Agency, Consultant, Architectures etc.. they provide Service to the customer and provide Bill / Invoice with GST Compliance. So in this case, Tally.ERP9 provides Accounting Invoice with auto GST Calculations, provided all Service Ledgers has to be created with GST Rate ( as applicable).

For Example:

Create a Ledger – Audit Free with GST 28%


Create a Ledger, ‘Audit Fee’ under Direct Income with GST Applicable and Set/Alter  GST Details – YES , with Type of Supply – Service as per screen below:

Creating Service Ledger with GST Compliance in Tally.ERP9

1.  Set/alter GST Details Yes , specify the details in the GST Details screen below, and save.

Creating Service Ledger with GST Compliance in Tally.ERP9

Nature of transaction : Select Sales Taxable from the Natures of Transactions List as above.
[Select Sales Exempt , if the type of supply is exempted from tax under GST, or select Sales Nil Rated , if the tax rate applicable to the type of supply is 0% under GST.]

To specify further GST-related details , click F12: Configure .

Creating Service Ledger with GST Compliance in Tally.ERP9

2.   Type of supply Services .

3.   Press Ctrl + A to save.

Do it ... Yourself !

Create the following Service Ledger under Direct Income with GST Compliance :

Direct Income

GST Rate

Service Charges (12%)


Installation Charges (5%)


AMC Charges (15%)


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