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Accounting Vouchers in Tally.ERP9

3.1. Accounting Vouchers

        3.1.1. Contra Vouchers (F4)

        3.1.2. Payment Voucher (F5)

        3.1.3. Receipt Voucher (F6)

        3.1.4. Sales Vouchers (F8)

3.2. Pre-defined Voucher Types in Tally.ERP 9         

        3.2.1. Alter a Pre-defined Voucher Type Practical

By default in Tally.ERP 9, there are 18 different pre-defined Voucher types (where Payroll feature is enabled, the number of pre-defined voucher types will be 20). Voucher type pertains to Accounting, Inventory and Payroll. These are used for recording various transactions according to the user needs.

Examples include Cash Payment Vouchers and Bank Payment vouchers where the relevant predefined voucher is Payment Voucher. You may have two or more sets of Sales Vouchers for different kinds of sales transactions e.g. Credit Sales, Cash Sales, etc.

If a voucher type is created, you can:

  • Have the different Voucher numbering methods.

  • Give own prefix and suffix details for the voucher numbering.

  • Use the Effective Dates for the vouchers.

  • By default, make some vouchers optional if required.

  • Decide to have the Common Narration or Narration for each entry.

  • Automate the printing immediately after saving the vouchers.

  • Get separate reports for each type of voucher.

3.3.1. Accounting Vouchers

Tally.ERP is Pre-programmed with a variety of accounting vouchers, each designed to perform a specific job. The standard vouchers are :

  1. Contra Voucher
  2. Payment Voucher
  3. Receipt Voucher
  4. Journal Voucher
  5. Sales Invoice

Tally.ERP 9 has a set of short cut keys for accessing vouchers easily. Contra Voucher (F4)

As per accounting rules , contra entry is a transaction indicating transfer of funds from..

  • Cash Account to Bank Account
  • Bank Account to Cash Account
  • One Bank Account to another Bank Account

The following Vouchers can be done through the Contra Vouchers :
(a) Cash Deposited into Bank
(b) Cash Withdrawal from the Bank
(c) Funds Transfer from One Bank to another Bank
(d) Cash Transfer to Petty Cash

Go to Gateway of Tally.ERP > Accounting Vouchers > F4 : Contra to display the Contra Voucher. Payment Voucher (F5)

Payment transactions are accounted using Tally.ERP’s Payment Voucher.

Gateway of Tally.ERP > Accounting Vouchers > F5 : Payment displays the Payment Voucher.

Transactions : Paid Salary of Rs.5000 and Office Rent of Rs. 2000 by cheque of SBI bank as on 15-04-2012. Receipt Voucher(F6)

Transactions involving receipt of Money are entered in the Receipt Voucher.

Gateway of Tally.ERP > Accounting Vouchers > F6 : Receipt displays the Receipt Voucher.

Transactions : Amount collected and deposited to SBI Bank Rs. 93,600 from Swayam Computer

Transactions : Rs.500 interest received from SBI Bank. Sales Invoice (F8)

When goods / services are sold, a voucher needs to be created, which the customer (debtor) can use as proof of purchase made. This document is called an “invoice” . Tally.ERP has facility to generate invoices according to the business requirements.

Gateway of Tally.ERP > Accounting Vouchers > F8 : Sales displays the Sales Invoice.

3.3.2. Pre-defined Voucher Types in Tally.ERP 9

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > List of Accounts > Ctrl+V [Voucher Types]


Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts info / Inventory Info > Voucher types > Alter

 Image-2 Alter a Pre-defined Voucher Type

Even if you do not need extra voucher types, you would normally alter the predefined voucher types to customize them according to your needs, e.g., to control their numbers.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts info / Inventory Info > Voucher types > Alter


The Voucher Type creation screen is divided into three sections depending on various settings.

• General
• Printing
• Voucher Class

Generalpe of Voucher

The type of voucher should be any one of the predefined voucher types (already listed). The new voucher type would inherit the properties of this predefined voucher type. It would function exactly like the predefined voucher.Abbr (Abbrevia

An abbreviation is required particularly for unformatted reports, which do not use compressing techniques. (Tally.ERP 9 allows printing of both formatted and unformatted reports). Even if the Abbreviation is not specified, Tally.ERP 9 automatically sets a default name for the Voucher. In this example, Sale is the abbreviation. Though there is no restriction on the length of the abbreviation, it should preferably consist of five characters or less.

Method of Voucher Numbering

This is, perhaps, one reason for your opting for a new voucher type. There are three methods available:



This method is flexible. If Automatic method is selected, then Tally.ERP 9 numbers the vouchers automatically.


This method allows you to number the vouchers manually. It does not check for the sequence of the numbers and permits you to specify anything that you wish in the voucher number field. However, you may choose to prevent entry of duplicate numbers. If you would like to do so, then set Prevent Duplicates to Yes.


se EFFECTIVE dates for vouchers?

Select Yes if you want to enter effective dates for vouchers. You would opt for this if you have instances where a transaction under consideration for overdue/ageing analysis is recorded currently but will come into effect from another date. If the effective date is entered, the overdue/ageing will be considered from the effective date and not from voucher date.ake Optional aault

Setting this option to Yes, will set your Voucher to Optional Voucher by default. Refer to Optional Vouchers for further details.

Note: For Memorandum and Reversing Journal voucher the option Make Optional as Default will not be shown.arration?

Select Yes to give a common narration for the entire voucher. Tally.ERP 9 vouchers can have multiple entries. Hence, you may wish to give a common narration for all the entries of the voucher. Select No, if you do not want a common narration.

Select Yes, if you want to give a separate narration for each entry of a voucher. This would be applicable for a multiple entry voucher where you want separate details for each entry. Select No if you do not want a separate narration for each entry.


Printing Print after saving voucher?

Select Yes to print every voucher after entering it, else select No. This is suitable for an online environment where you use Tally.ERP 9 printed vouchers as the formal voucher. Remember, that the transaction is already recorded and posted and should you wish to make corrections to the printed voucher, you must alter the Tally.ERP 9 voucher online and print it again.

Note: If we select Receipt as Type of Voucher the option Print Formal Receipt after saving will be displayed. Depending on the Type of Voucher you have selected to create or alter, different printing features appear in this field.Use for POS Invoicing

If you would like to use the sales invoice as POS invoice then set this option to Yes.Default Print Title

If you would like to give the default print title for POS Invoice then specify the same. So when ever you print the POS Invoice this title will be printed.

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