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In this chapter, we will examine the different issues involved in printing a desired report quickly and easily.


There are two types of printing:


Display and Print.

Multi-Account Printing menu.


Both will yield the same output. The display and print method is more flexible where you can see on screen the details required. However, the Multi-Account prints without an on-screen display.



1. Display and Print


You can obtain a printed version of the screen currently being displayed by selecting Print from the button bar menu. This brings up the Print Configuration screen for the report, which asks

Print? Yes or No. The report will be printed using the options specified on the screen on selecting Yes. However, the options before printing can be changed by selecting No, if required.

Note :

There are two types of print configuration options. They are Common Print- ing Options and Dynamic– Report Specific Options. 


Common printing options 


Common printing options affect the printing of all reports and are changed by selecting the appropriate button which are explained below as follows:


Print Language: Reports can be printed in the language supported by

Tally.ERP 9.


With Preview: To view the report in print preview mode before actual printing.


Titling: To change the title of the report.


Page Nos.: To specify the page number range.


Pre - Printed / Plain Paper: Toggle to make the selection.


Print Format: A pop-up list displays the printing formats available in Tally.ERP 9. The formats provided are, Dot-Matrix Format, Neat For- mat and Quick (Draft) Format.


With Colour: This option is only relevant if you have a colour printer.


Copies: To specify the number of pages to be printed.


Printer: To change the printer. This also displays the default paper size that you have set for the printer.


Dynamic - Report specific options


Options specific to a report, are displayed in a sub-screen when you select to print it. You are permitted to change various options before you finally print. Tally.ERP 9 supports printing of reports in various languages.


Notice the Standard Options in the button bar on the right hand side. The specific options for printing the Balance Sheet appears in the sub-screen


2. Print Format


Print Format is a button which appears on the Print screen (after pressing Alt+P or click on the

Print button). By clicking on the Print Format button,


Tally.ERP 9 displays a list of Print Formats as follows:

Neat Mode and Quick/Draft Mode print formats are compatible with most of the printer drivers installed on the Windows Operating System. Dot Matrix Format in Tally.ERP 9 is a special print format which allows you to print Tally.ERP 9 reports in text format using the Blazing speed of Dot Matrix printers.

In today's hi-technology software environment, most GUI-based softwares do not provide Dot Matrix printing capabilities. On the selection of a Dot- Matrix Format, the screen appears as shown below :

The Epson printer drivers have been defined by default. You may install Epson Printer drivers in

Windows for any Dot Matrix printer and use this format for faster report printing.


3. Multi-Account Printing


Gateway of Tally > Multi-Account Printing


Principally geared towards printing all the Primary Books of Accounts, like the Cash and Bank Books, Account Ledgers, Sales and Purchase Registers etc. can be printed as: One Account at a time, All Accounts, or All Accounts in a selected Group. Before printing, the date range and other selections may also be set up.


The current mechanism of printing used by Tally.ERP 9, require that for large company accounts, choose each ledger account is printed on separate pages.



4. Draft Mode Printing (Quick Format)


Almost every report except for cheques can be printed in a Draft Mode. In Tally.ERP 9, the Neat print format functions by default. However, this may be altered by pressing Alt+F just before printing. All subsequent reports will be printed in Quick Format, until Alt+F is pressed again. (The button equivalent for this is marked Quick Format).


Draft mode brings in additional restrictions in the printing, which you will quickly learn by experi- mentation. After selecting the Draft mode or Quick Format, click on Alt+S – to select the option Print to a File. Specify the name of the File to output the data and select the Printer whose dimensions are to be used.



5. Cheque Printing


A Cheque is a written order to the bank to pay the stated sum of money. Cheques are usually handwritten. In order to automate the entire cheque printing process, Tally.ERP 9 allows cheques

to be printed directly. Cheques are printed only when printing a Payment Voucher. Since the cheque formats differ from bank to bank, Tally.ERP 9 facilitates cheque printing according to user defined cheque dimensions.


Let us activate the Cheque Printing capability in the F11: Features (Accounting Feature).



Activating Cheque Printing

Ensure that you are on the Gateway of Tally of Indus Enterprises (shut National Traders)

Create a ledger namely > Canara Bank under the Group Bank Accounts (accept all other defaults) and return to the Gateway of Tally

Click on the button F11: Features (Accounting Features) and set Enable Cheque Print- ing to Yes as shown below:

Press Enter after setting the feature Set Alter Cheque Printing Configuration to Yes.


 Tally.ERP 9 displays the Company Cheque Details screen according to this screen:

Company Name on Cheque: Many banks give cheques with the company name already printed on it. To print Tally.ERP 9 on the cheque beneath the signature, give the name e.g. Indus Enterprises to print the name, or leave the option blank if you don’t want to utilise this option.


Name of Banks: Press the space bar and you will get a pop-up list of the bank ledger accounts created in the company. There are two ledgers viz. the Deposit Account and the State Bank of India.

Select the bank for which you want to specify the user-defined cheque dimensions. Here select State Bank of India and press Enter.

You can now fill in the dimensions of the cheque in the Cheque Printing Configuration screen.

The cheque will be printed as shown :


For National Traders


Authorized Signatory


In case of a cheque with two signatories, both can be specified. Both could be the same salutation or different, e.g., one could be Director, the other could be Secretary.


Give whatever you currently use. Many banks pre-print both the company name and the saluta- tion.


6. Printing Cheques


Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F5: Payment


The Cheque printing option is available only from the Payment Voucher when the con- cerned Bank account (State Bank of India) is credited. Make a payment entry as shown below :


Here, after crediting the State Bank of India account, two additional fields appear. They are: Name on Cheque and Cross Cheques explained below:


Name on the Cheque: On selection of the Party Account, the Name on the cheque is filled with the Party’s account name. Thus, instead of the Party Account, if any other expense head is selected, the expense head will not appear as the name on the cheque.

Cross Cheque using: This is filled in by the most common words used - Account payee.

However, you can change it.

After accepting the voucher, Tally.ERP 9 immediately prompts you to print the cheque! Click on the button Print Preview and then accept the print command to view the printed cheque.

Note :

Check the dimensions given in the F11: Features. Ensure that you have not left any field, other than the salutation fields, blank.


Trial and error is the only way to get the printing in the right positions.

Therefore do not panic if some words do not print in the correct posi- tions. Change the set-up a couple of times to set it right. This is neces- sary to be able to print on the many different cheque styles used by different banks

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