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'Activate Security Control'@ Tally.ERP 9

Security Control is required in an environment where many people work on accounts using the same computer at different times or the same set of accounts on a network.


Tally.ERP 9 has a variety of management reports that are flexible in nature allowing you to create, alter, display and print any information. The Security Control system of Tally.ERP 9 is used to set the authority rights of the user or user groups. This prevents other users from using the system to create, alter, display and print any data. Tally.ERP 9 has a customised security system where the authority levels are set for users at different levels. Tally.ERP 9 has two security types, one for the Owner by default and the other for Data Entry. Other security types can be created based on these predefined types.


The Owner has full access and rights to Tally.ERP 9, except for Tally Audit, which is reserved for the administrator alone. Data Entry has restricted rights. Security control can be activated during company creation or by company alteration. Once this is activated, Tally.ERP 9 asks you to enter the name of the user and the password.


 1 Activate Security Control


Go to Gateway of Tally of National Traders > press Alt+F3 > Select Alter > press Enter and reselect National Traders to view the Company Alteration screen.


Set Yes to Use Security Control.

An additional field appears asking for the name of the administrator, type Admin.

In the Password field type Admin and repeat the password.

An option Use Tally Audit Features appears, set this to Yes.

An additional option Disallow opening in Educational mode appears, set this to No.

Accept the screen and return to the Company Info menu.

Shut the company and select National Traders once again (Do not select the TallyVaulted company).

Tally.ERP 9 prompts the user for the user name and password as shown below:

Give the details according to what you had entered in the Company Alteration screen and accept.



Tally.ERP 9 loads the company and displays the Gateway of Tally on entering the correct user name and password. Now that we have activated the Security Control for National Traders, let us create the Security Levels.

2 Create Security Levels


Go to Gateway of Tally > Press Alt+F3 and view the Company Info. menu.


Press Enter on Security Control and a sub-menu appears as shown below:

The menu allows you to define the security level under the field Types of Security. The user name and password for that access level is defined under the field Users and Passwords.

Press Enter on Types of Security.

Under List of Security Levels, the default value is Data Entry, Tally.NET User and

Tally.NET Auditor

Press the Down Arrow Key to create a new security level.

Enter Manager in the List of Security Level field.

Press Enter to view the Level definition screen.

The Security Levels Definition screen is displayed as shown below:

Once the above details are entered, the screen is divided into two broad columns having two sub – columns. The left side is to disallow access to the various options of the systems. The right side allows the security level, different facilities.

The sub-columns are Types of Access and the List of Reports under both Allow and Disallow facilities Enter the type of access you wish to give and the option to be control- led. Once the entry is completed select End of List from the Type of Access field to com- plete the allocation.

Press Enter after specifying the cut-off date as 31-Dec-2009 under Disallow the following


Select Full Access (from the Type of Access list):

Select the Balance Sheet from the List of Reports as per this screen:

In order to make any modifications in any of the reports, select the option Back-dated Vouchers under the field Full Access select Create/Alter Back Dated Vouchers.

Verify with the screen shown below:

Once you accept the above settings you are taken back to the Security Levels for Company screen. The cursor rests at the blank field following the recently created one. Follow the same procedure if you require to create another Security level else accept and return from this screen to the Security Control Menu.



3 Users and Passwords


A Security level called Manager uses the basic facilities of the Owner. To set up a user name and password for this level, press Enter on Users and Passwords in the Security Control Menu.



Create Users and Passwords


Go to Gateway of Tally > F3: Company Info > Security Control > Select Users and



Tally.ERP 9 prompts you to select the Security Level, Select Manager and the screen appears as shown below:

Enter Manager for both the Name of User and Password.

By default Allow Remote Access and Allow Local TDL is set to No.

Enter the users mobile number in Mobile Number field

Accept this and return to the Gateway of Tally.


 You would need to create different users who belong to one or more different Security Levels or Types of security. Select the option at the Security Control menu to define users, give their passwords and their security levels.

Note : Only the Administrator can assign users and their passwords.

4 Alter/ Display a User / Type of Security


There is no separate menu option to alter or display the security options. Use the same menu to display or alter user or security level set-up. To delete a user, simply blank out the user name by pressing Esc/ Spacebar and accept the screen. Do the same for the security level. A user defined under a security level cannot be deleted without deleting the users under it.


5 Loading a Company with a User name


Security Level


The Manager Security Level is set by using Admin as the user name and password. A password is assigned at this level.

Let us shut National Traders and re-select it with the Manager user name and password.

Notice that the report Balance Sheet is not appearing in the menu. This is because the access was denied while defining the security level. Practice this by disallowing other reports and make your observations.


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