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Different Actual and Billed Quantity in Purchase & Sales Invoice in Tally.ERP9

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales. You will notice that the Quantities column is divided into two columns, viz. Actual and Billed.

On 2-8-2017, make a purchase invoice from Parvathi Stockers for the following items which are NIL Rated :

Name of the Item

Actual Qty

Billed Qty

(in ₹. )


110 Kgs

100 Kgs



60 Kgs

50 Kgs



Setup :

  • Create a new stock item as Rice with the following details :

  • Group it under stock group Foodstuffs

  • Unit of Measure - kgs (kilos) with decimal places - 3 (create if not present).

    Accept the master creation without any opening balance and return to the Gateway of Tally.

Step 1 : Create Purchase Invoice

1.      Enter a Purchase invoice on 2-8-2017 on Parvathi stockers.

2.      Price level - Not Applicable

3.      Select Rice under Name of Item

4.      Type Actual Quantity as 110 kgs and Billed Quantity as 100 kgs

5.      Specify the Rate as ₹. 25 and the value appears as ₹.. 2500 (billed quantity * rate).

6.      Allocate to Purchases ledger and press Enter.

  • Select another item Wheat and enter the following details
  • Type Actual Quantity as 60 kgs and Billed Quantity as 50 kgs
  • Specify Rate as ₹. 30, the amount is defaulted as ₹.. 1500

7.      Press Enter and accept the purchase invoice. The Purchase invoice amounts to ₹.. 4,000 (Rice - ₹..  2500 and Wheat - ₹.. 1500).

The screen appears as shown below :


Step 2 : Display Stock Summary

Go to Gateway of Tally > Stock Summary

  • Select Foodstuffs as stock group and press Enter

Tally.ERP 9 displays 110 kgs of Rice stock item because this is the quantity that we have actually received from the party. In case of Wheat the quantity appears as 60 kgs.

Go to Gateway of Tally > Display > Account Books > Purchase Register

  • Press Enter for August Month.

  • Press Alt+F1 to display the stock summary in detailed format

  • Press F12: Configure and activate the option Show Inventory Details also

Tally.ERP 9 displays Voucher Register as shown below :

The inventory details display 110 kgs for the stock item Rice, because this is the quantity that the party has billed us for. (We have received 110 kgs of Rice i.e, the actual quantity. We will be making the payment for only 100 kgs i.e., the billed quantity). Therefore, the actual quantity affects the inventory books while the billed quantity reflects in the accounting books.

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