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How do I activate and use Cheque Printing feature in Tally.ERP 9?

Activating Cheque Printing and Filling in the Dimensions for Cheque Printing Configuration

  • Select the Company
  • Press the F11 Features > Accounting Features
  • Set the option Enable Cheque Printing? to Yes
  • Set the option Set/Alter Cheque Printing Configuration? to Yes


The window titled Company Cheque Details is displayed.


Company Name of Cheque: To print the company name on the cheque for signature purpose, mention the name of the Company (for example, ABC Company). If you do not want Tally.ERP 9 to print the name, you can leave it blank. Many banks issue cheques with your company name printed.

  • Names of Banks: In this field select the Bank for which cheque printing to be configured (For Example: Canara Bank)

Note: The Bank Ledgers already created will be listed in Bank Accounts list. You can also create a new Bank ledger by pressing Alt+C from Names of Banks field.

The Cheque Printing Configuration window for the Bank selected appears as shown:


Take a cheque leaf of the selected bank and fill in the dimensions of the cheque in millimeters.

You may also copy the dimensions from Sample Format or any other Configured Banks. To copy the dimensions:

  • Click on Ctrl+C: Copy From or press Ctrl+C keys

The Select Configured Bank screen appears as shown:

  • Select the Sample Format or the required Bank from the list.

The cheque printing configuration fields will fill the fields with the selected dimensions.

The dimensions filled Cheque Printing Configuration screen appears as shown:


Note: The Cheque Printing Configuration form will not allow you to leave any fields blank except Salutation fields. It will also not allow inappropriate figures and will prompt you with appropriate messages at various field to control the configuration.

  • To Print/Preview the settings click Print button or Press Alt+P

The Print Preview screen of Sample Cheque Printing appears as shown:


You need to correct the alignments by trying out through Preview/Print. The placing of the cheque in the printer also determines the printing. To reset the dimensions filled, go to Company Cheque Details screen. select the Bank from Names of Banks field and select End of List.

Note: Accept the window mentioned above so that you can go back to the Company Cheque Details screen, then to the Accounting Features screen to finally Save the settings. Pressing the Esc button after setting the dimensions will not save the Cheque Printing Configuration window.

Record a Payment Voucher

In Payment Voucher,

  • Select the Bank Ledger in Account field (in case of Single Entry mode) or Credit (in case of Double entry mode),
  • Select the Party Ledger under Particulars or Debit

In Payment Voucher, Bank Allocations screen will be displayed when a Bank ledger is selected for making the payment. In the Bank Allocations screen fill the following details:

  • Favouring Name: The name of the Party debited will automatically appear under this filed. You can change the Name the defaulted, if required.
  • Transaction Type: In this field select the Transaction Type - Cheque, as ABC Company is making payment to the party through cheque.
  • Amount: In this filed the amount specified in the payment voucher will appear automatically
  • Instrument No.: In this field enter the Cheque Number
  • Instrument Date: Mention the Date of the Cheque
  • Cross Instrument Using: A/c Payee will automatically appear in this field when the Transaction Type selected is Cheque

  • Enter the Narration and Save the Voucher.

Print Cheque

As soon as the voucher is accepted, the Print Menu for Cheque Printing appears as shown:


The Print Preview of the Cheque Printing option is displayed as shown:

  • Insert the cheque leaf in the Printer.
  • Select Yes to print the cheque.
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