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Tracking Numbers in Advanced Inventory using Tally.ERP 9

Many businesses deliver stock with a delivery note or a challan and the bill is raised later. There may be a situation where you raise a bill first and then deliver the goods against the bill raised or receive the goods against a purchase bill. In such cases, it is important to 'Track' the delivery or receipt of inventory against the bill. Tally.ERP 9 has a feature called Tracking Numbers to achieve the same.

'Tracking' the delivery or receipt of inventory, is purely an inventory-related activity. Tally.ERP 9 helps in bringing such entries into the accounting statements to help the user in ascertaining the profit or loss for a stipulated period. In case sales bills are to be raised an additional element in the detailed Profit & Loss statement appears as Sales bills pending and for Purchases the same will appear as Purchase Bills pending.

1. Using Tracking Numbers in Tally.ERP9

On 2-8-2017 Ref GRN/NB - 1,000 Pcs of Bricks received from Navketan Bricks @ ₹. 4 /Pc against previous Purchase Order No-1

In the earlier sections, we  have  recorded Purchase Orders No-1 on 2-7-2017 with due  dates 1-8-2017 with 5000 Pcs. Bricks from Navketan Bricks.

The above receipt of 1,000 pcs is received against the ordered quantity of 5,000 pcs.

Let us raise a Receipt Note for the PO/001 raised on 2-8-2017 with due date 2-8-2017.


In the F11: Features (Inventory Features), activate

  • Use Tracking Numbers to enable the Receipt Note (Goods Receipt Note) and Delivery Note (Delivery Challan).

  • Use Rejection Notes to enter Rejections In vouchers and Rejections Out vouchers.

Step 1: Create Receipt Note

Go to Gateway of Tally > Inventory Vouchers >F9: Receipt Note.

  1. Date: 2-8-2017

  2. Party's A/c Name: Navketan Bricks

  3. Purchase Ledger : Phases @ 5%

  4. Name of the item: Bricks

  5. In Item Allocations for screen, Select Tracking No.1

  6. In the main voucher screen, enter 3% for Freight charges and the value gets calculated automatically.

  7. Enter the remaining details and accept the voucher.

2. Display Purchase Bill Pending

Go to … Gateway of Tally > Display > Statements of Inventory > Purchase Bills Pending >

  • Press Alt + F1 for a detailed view.
The Purchase Bills Pending report appears as shown below :

Tally.ERP 9 tracks down the details of goods received for which bills have not been received. To view effect of above report,

Go to Gateway of Tally > Profit & Loss Account and view the Purchase Account.

You will find that the value of goods received (recorded through Receipt Note) are included in the Purchase Accounts under Purchase Bills to come, for ascertaining the profits accurately.

Also view Sundry Creditors from Balance Sheet, you will find that liability is created under Purchase Bills to come

On 2-9-2017, you receive the purchase Bill No. NB/15 from Navketan Bricks for their Delivery  Note No. GRN/1 for 1,000 Pcs of Bricks @ ₹. 4 /Pc.

Go to Gateway of Tally> Accounting Vouchers > F9: Purchase

After completing the above entry, view Purchase Bills Pending. You will see No Pending details.

Practice Exercise :

Make the following voucher entries:

1. On 1-7-2017, you received an order from FirstCom Solutions for 25 Nos of HP - 27 Printer Cartridges to be delivered on 15-7-2017 @ ₹. 250 each. Order number FCS/9. You propose to deliver from On-Site, allocate to Sales-Printer, Cost Centre Amar.

2. On 13-7-2017, received 22 Nos of HP - 27 Printer Cartridges  @ ₹. 200 from Power Line Computers and stored in On-Site. The invoice PLC12 was also received. Credit period was 30 days.

3. On 15-7-2017, National Traders delivered 20 Nos of HP - 27 Printer Cartridges from On-Site to FirstCom Solutions against their Order FCS/9.

  • Since you will raise the invoice later, give a new tracking number as Ex1
  • The terms are Credit period of 45 days from the date of invoice. The sale price is ₹. 250 each. No interest is to be charged.

4. On 17-7-2017, FirstCom Solutions returned 2 defective pcs of HP - 27 Printer Cartridges, track it against Ex1.

5. On 1-8-2017, National Traders raised the invoice for the 18 pcs of goods retained by FirstCom Solutions. Link the invoice with the delivery note.

  • Display Sales Bills Pending on 28-7-2017. and view Profit & Loss A/c on 28-7-2017 to view  changes in Sales Bills to make.

  • Change the date to 2-8-2017 and check, are there any Sales Bills to Make

6. Prepare a Purchase invoice on 13-7-2017 and track it against the receipt note dated 13-7- 2017

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