Practical Example with Company Setup @ Job Costing in TallyERP9 : LAB Practice

Let us consider Swayam Computer Zone to understand the Job Costing feature of Tally.ERP 9. Swayam Computer Zone  supplies  computers  configured  as  per  customer  requirements  and upgrades old computers.

Company Setup


Create a company called Swayam Computer Zone as shown below :

The completed Company Creation screen appears as shown below:
  • Press Y or Enter to accept the company creation screen.

Swayam Computer Zone  received  two  orders  from  EssBee Solutions  to  upgrade  existing systems and deliver new systems.


The order details are given in the table.



Order Description

Terms of Contract



Servicing and Upgrading of existing machines.

Lump  sum  contract,  inclusive  of replacement of parts



Installing  new  systems  as per specifications

Rate contract based on requirement of systems



Other Details


  • The company has given the servicing and upgrading job collectively to Raj and Archana. The Service Charges amounts to Rs. 62,500 and Travel Expenses for visits made onsite are Rs. 25,000
  • The company has given the job of installing new systems job to Rajesh
  • Service Charge Rs. 62,500 and Travel Expenses for visits made onsite-Rs. 25,000
    • The company has a stores godown and regularly purchases items from Reliable Computers.
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