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'Payment of Provident Fund (PF)' for Pay-Roll'@ Tally.ERP 9

In Tally.ERP 9, once the process for Employee and Employer contributions to Provident Fund is implemented in the manner as discussed in earlier sections, the total amount payable to EPFO is accumulated separately in three Ledger Accounts, PF Payable Account (Employer Contributions), Employee PF Contributions and the PF Admin Charges Ledger. At the time of making the payment to EPFO, a payment voucher is required to be passed.



To process the payment of Provident Fund, follow the steps given below:



Step 1: Create PF Payment Voucher

Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers

1. Press F5 for Payment Voucher

2. Press F2, specify 30-04-2009 as the Voucher Date and press Enter

3. Press Alt+A (Payment Auto Fill) to prefill PF details
„     Select PF Challan in the Process for field from the Process List screen

„     Enter 1-4-2009 and 30-4-2009 in the From and To Date fields respectively

„        Specify 30-4-2009 in the Voucher Date field (This field is prefilled, if the voucher date is specified during Voucher Entry)

„     Select Primary Cost Category in the Employee Category field

„     Select All Items in the Employee/ Group field

„     Select HDFC Bank in the Bank / Cash Ledger field

„     Select PF Payable Ledger in the Payroll Ledger field

4. Press Enter to prefill PF Payable Amount in respect of Employer Contributions during the relevant month

The Payment voucher is displayed as shown:

5. Press Enter again, to prefill the amount of Employee Contributions during the relevant month

6. Press Enter thrice again, to prefill EDLI Admin Expenses, EDLI Contribution and PF Admin Charges during the selected month

7. Press Enter twice

8. Set Yes in Provide Details field and press Enter

9. In the Provide Details subscreen,

„     Specify 245547 in the Cheque/ DD No. field

„     Specify 30-4-2009 in the Cheque/DD Date field

„     Specify 30-4-2009 in the Challan Date field

„     Type the name of the Depositor in the Depositor Name field

„     Specify the name of the Bank on which the Cheque is drawn in the Bank Name field

The completed Provide Details subscreen is displayed as shown:

10.Press Enter to go back to the PF Payment Voucher screen

11.Type the details of the transaction in the narration field

The completed PF Payment Voucher screen for the month of April 2009, is displayed as shown:

12.Press Enter to accept

Step 2: Print PF Payment Challan

‡   Press Pg UP from the Voucher Entry screen shown above

‡   Press Alt + P, the Voucher Printing screen is displayed as shown:

‡   In the Voucher printing screen, select Yes in the Print Challan field

‡    Press Enter to Print

The printed PF Combined Challan for the month of April 2009 of M/s. Spectrum Software Solutions is displayed as shown:


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