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5.Batchwise Details in Tally.ERP9

Batch details are used to identify the movement of inventory in batches or lots. Although this is a requirement primarily of the pharmaceutical industry, the same can be used by other industries that maintain or manufacture perishable goods. Many organisations also purchase in batches in order to monitor the result of the batch purchased individually. Hence, Tally.ERP 9 has used the term Batch/Lot.


Batches/Lots are also often used to monitor the date of manufacture, date of receipt or the date of expected time when it cannot be further used (perished or expired). Tally.ERP 9 makes provisions to enter both the manufacturing date and the expiry date to take decisions as required.


In this section the following topics are discussed :


Activate Batch-wise Details and enter vouchers using them.
Set Manufacturing Date & Expiry Date for Batches.
5.1. Activating Batch-wise Details

Batch-wise details are given for maintaining batch information pertaining to stock items. The Man- ufacturing date and expiry date can also be set for batch wise details.


To activate Batchwise Details,


Go to Gateway of Tally > press F11: Features (Inventory Features).


Set Maintain Batch-wise details and set Expiry Dates for Batches to Yes.
Batchwise Details in Tally.ERP9
5.2. Using Batchwise Details in Purchase Invoice

On 15-12-09, purchased Saridon - 250 nos from GetWell Pharmacy @ 5.50 each with batch number ST/101 having Manufacturing date as 15-8-2009 and Expiry Date as 14-8-2010.




Create GetWell Pharmacy Ledger under Sundry Creditors

Create the following Stock Item

Name: Saridon

Under: Medicines (create the group under primary)

Category: Pain Killers (create the category under primary).

Maintain in Batches: Yes.

Track date of Mfg: Yes

Use expiry dates: Yes

Alter Standard Rates: No

Rate of Duty: 5

Retain all the other fields as default and accept the stock item creation screen.

Return to the Gateway of Tally.

During Voucher entry, press F12: Purchase Invoice Configuration and set Honor Expiry Dates usage for Batches to YES

Step 1: Create Purchase Voucher


Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F9: Purchase


1. Enter the item as per the transaction details.

2. After you enter Saridon, an Item Allocation screen will appears,

Enter the batch no. as ST/101 having manufacturing date as 15-8-09 and Expiry Date as 14-8-10.

    3. Select Onsite in Godown field. The Batch details appears as shown below :
Batchwise Details in Tally.ERP9

4. Allocate it to Purchase account (not project purchases). Purchase invoice number NM. Credit period 60 days.


5. Press Enter and accept the voucher.
5.3. Using Batchwise Details in Sales Invoice

On 27-12-09 , raise a Cash Sales Invoice for 200 nos of Saridon @ Rs. 7.50 from the above

Batch No.ST/101.



Setup :


Create Cash Ledger under Cash-in-Hand group

Activate Cost Centre for Export Saes Ledger



Step 1: Create Sales Voucher


Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounting Vouchers > F8: Sales


1. Enter the item as per the transaction details.

2. Select the Batch as ST/101

3. Select Godown as Onsite

4. Select the Sales Ledger as Export Sales

5. Allocate the Sales to Cost Centre : Amar



Step 2 : View Stock Sumary

Go to Gateway of Tally > Stock Summary > Medicines


Specify the date as 27-12-2009

Press F1: Detailed, you will find that the stock balance is 50 nos.



Practice Exercise

1. On 28-12-09, raise another purchase invoice on GetWell Pharmacy with the following details

Batch No. : ST/102

Quantity : 300 nos

Rate : Rs. 6 per nos

Godown : On-site

Manufacture date : 15-8-09

Expiry date : 31-12-09

Purchase Ledger : Purchases

Total Invoice Value : Rs. 1,800

2. On 1-1-10, make a Cash Sales Invoice for Saridon - 50 nos from batch ST101 and 200 nos from batch ST102 @ Rs. 7.50 each.

Batchwise Details in Tally.ERP9

You may not be able to display the batch ST/102, use backspace key and go back to the invoice screen and change the invoice date to 31-12-2009.


Tally.ERP 9 displays the batch ST/102 as shown below :

Batchwise Details in Tally.ERP9
Tally.ERP 9 does not display batch ST/102 when we make the entry on 1-1-2010 because the expiry date of ST/102 was 31-12-2009. But when we changed the entry date to 31-12-2009 the batch is displayed! This is because the option Honor Expiry Dates usage for Batches is set to Yes in the F12: Configuration.
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