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Reporting @ Tally.ERP9

This unit introduces you to the procedure for modifying reports and working with a stock summary in Tally.ERP 9. It will  explain the different types of inventory books, where you will learn to view group summary, stock transfers and physical stock register. The unit also describes in detail the different types of exception reports and how these are generated and used in Tally.ERP 9.

After going through this unit, you will be able to:
- Modify reports
- Configure the Balance Sheet
- View the Profit and Loss Account
- Define stock summary
- Understand the purpose of a trial balance report
- List the transactions of a day book
- Generate different types of books of account
- Explain the exception reports available in Tally.ERP 9

  1. Unit Objectives
  2. Modifying Reports (Options)
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Profit & Loss Account
  5. Stock Summary
  6. Trial Balance
  7. Day Book
  8. Books of Accounts
    1. Cash Book
    2. Petty Cash Book
    3. Bank Book
    4. Journal Register
    5. Ledger
      1. Group Summary
      2. Group Voucher
    6. Purchase Register
    7. Sales Register
  9. Statement of Accounts
    1. Outstanding
      1. Ledger-wise view of Outstanding Reports
      2. Group (Outstanding)
      3. Interest Calculations
        1. Interest Receivable
        2. Interest Payable
      4. Cost Centers
        1. Cost Category Summary
        2. Group Break-Up
      5. Statistics
  10. Inventory Books
    1. Inventory Group Summary
    2. Stock Transfers
    3. Physical Stock Register
    4. Sales Order Book
    5. Purchase Order Book
  11. Statutory Reports
  12. List of Accounts ( Chart of Accounts)
  13. Exception Reports
    1. Negative Stock
    2. Negative Ledgers
    3. List of Memorandum Vouchers
    4. List of Reversing Journal
    5. List of Optional Voucher
  14. Printing Reports
    1. Using the Print Button
    2. Multi-Accounting Printing

MIS and Other Reports

Reporting, MIS and Others @ Tally.ERP9
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Get..Tally.ERP9 Book + GST Assignment @ Rs. 550

Get..Tally.ERP9 Book + GST Assignment @ `. 550 !

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