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Reporting (Introduction) @ Tally.ERP9...


After going through this unit, you will be able to:
• Modify reports
• Configure the Balance Sheet
• View the Profit and Loss Account
• Define stock summary
• Understand the purpose of a trial balance report
• List the transactions of a day book
• Generate different types of books of account
• Explain the exception reports available in Tally.ERP 9

2. Modifying reports

Once you have selected a report and its screen appears, you can modify the display to suit your requirements using the appropriate buttons on the button bar.

On selecting a report, the screen displays. Modify the display to suit your requirements using the appropriate buttons from the button bar.

If you select the buttons using the keyboard, the conventions are:
F (n): - Press the F (n) key
F (n): - Press Alt + F (n)
F (n): - Press Ctrl + F (n)

(Alt + F1) F1: - Detailed/Condensed

Adds a further level of detail to the report, or condenses the report to a higher level of detail.

F2: Period
Enables you to change the period of the report by specifying new from/to dates.

F3: Company
If you have more than one company selected, this button enables you to change companies to display the new company data in the current screen format.

F4: to F10:
The functions performed by these buttons vary from report to report.

F11: Company Features
This button is not related to displaying reports but to selecting options that affect voucher entry. The screen it displays must not be changed during training.

F12: Configure
This button is very relevant to displaying reports and enables you to define the report-specific options you wish to use. For example, depending on the report you are in, you can specify whether it should be in horizontal or vertical format, show percentages, show gross profit, show opening and/or closing balances, change the periodicity, change the sorting method, and so on.

F12: Range
This button enables you to filter the information you see displayed based on monetary value. For example, you can specify you only want closing balances greater than Rs.5,000.

F12: Value
This button enables you to filter which vouchers you wish to be used in the calculations. For example, you can specify you only want vouchers having a narration containing the expression ‘Swayam Computer Education’.

New Column
This button enables you to add another column to the report to display comparable information for another company, or for a different period for the same company, all on the same screen.

Alter Column
This button enables you to alter the details of a new column you have previously created, for example, the date range. You select the column to alter by positioning the cursor in it prior to selecting the button.

Del Column
You use this button to delete columns you no longer wish to see in the report.

Auto Column
You use this button to add multiple columns to a report, for example, columns for each month, or to accommodate several companies. You can also have a total column for the total of each item across all columns.

3. Balance Sheet

To View Balance Sheet of www.Swayam-Education.Com with Percentage Column.

1. Go to Gateway of Tally.ERP  Balance Sheet  F12: Configure
2. Set Show Percentage to Yes in the Balance Sheet configuration screen.
3. Press ALT+F1 to view the detailed Balance Sheet.

The resultant balance sheet displays as shown :

4. Profit & Loss Account

To View Profit & Loss Account of www.Swayam-Education.Com.

  1. Go to Gateway of Tally.ERP > Profit & Loss A/c
Press ALT+F1 for detailed Profit and Loss Account.
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