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FAQ-4 (Budgets and Credit Limits):

How to create budgets for Groups?


To create a Budget for Groups,

  • Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Budgets > Create
  • Enter a Name for the budget.
  • Select Primary in Under field. Another Budget can be selected in this field, if sub-budget is to be created.
  • Enter From and To date to specify the Period of Budget.
  • In Set/Alter Budgets of set Yes to Groups, inorder to allocate budgets for a groups of ledgers.

  Tally.Erp 9 : Budgets and Credit Limits



  • Account Name: Select the names of the groups for which the budget amount is to be allocated.
  • Cost Centre: A cost centre earmarks each group name i.e. Indirect Expenses for a particular cost centre or a group of cost centres only. If you select Not Applicable, then the budget is not for any particular cost centre but for the company as a whole.
  • Type of Budget: Budgets could be of two types:
    • On Nett Transactions – In this case, the transaction amounts are to be monitored and not the balances. Nett refers to the net of debits and credits for the specified period. Hence, nett transactions for Indirect Expenses would mean the debit amount for the specified period after reducing the credits for the same period not withstanding the opening and closing balances.
    • On Closing Balance – In this case, the balance of the accounts requires monitoring and you are not too keen on the transactions., e.g., balances of bank accounts, balances of debtors.
  • Amount: The budgeted amount specified for the period for a account.
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