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FAQ-1 ( Splitting of Data):

How to Split the Financial Years of a Company Data in Tally.ERP 9?



Pre-split activities


Before you split the data ensure that: 

  • All the adjustment forex gains/losses have been fully adjusted by Journal entries. Verify the item 'Unadjusted Forex Gains/Loss' does not appear in the balance sheet.
  • There are no purchase bills/sales bills to come. Check the profit and loss account and inventory statements for purchase/sales bills pending. You may either account them to the respective party accounts or to the respective 'bills pending' account.
  • Ensure that a backup of the data exists.

Procedure to Split the Financial Years 

  • At the Gateway of Tally, press ALT+F3 or click F3:Cmp Info
  • Select the option Split Company Data.
  • Select the option Select Company
  • Select the Company whose data is to be split.

Tally recommends the split-off date based on the data existing. It is recommended that the Split Point is set as the beginning of the latest financial year though Tally permits any date as the split point.

  • Splits occur in sets of two periods. Start with the latest. For example assuming that three years data – from 1-1-2005 to 31-12-2008 for a company is required to be split into three separate 'companies' each with a financial year. First, select the beginning of the latest financial year (1-1-2007, that is what Tally would prompt you to do).
  • On confirming the activity, two new companies will be created – one with data from 1-1-2005 to 31-12-2006, i.e., two years, and the other with data from 1-1-2007 to 31-12-2008. 

Typically, this is all you need to do. Your historical data, whether of one or more financial years, will be preserved as one company, and your current financial year, as another. There is, normally, no reason or benefit to split the prior years again into separate years. However, if you wish to do so, repeat the above steps for the prior period company (1-1-2005 to 31-12-2006).


All the companies are full companies in their own right. Data can be entered, displayed and altered. Please display or print the key financial reports (Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Stock Summary etc.) from each of the companies for the relevant periods and compare them for accuracy.


Once you are satisfied that you have a successful split, it is advisable to take a backup of the original company onto diskettes and permanently delete its data from your hard-disk. This will ensure that you do not accidentally use it to enter fresh data.


To delete a company, press Alt+F3 at the Gateway of Tally, select it to make alterations to modify the Company Information, press Alt+D.


You will also need to alter the names of the two freshly created companies to suit you.

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