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How to Generate Stock Query? @ Tally.ERP9


How to Generate Stock Query?


The Stock Query report provides complete information pertaining to a particular stock item viz., Alias, Part No., Stock Group, Stock Category, available Closing Quantity & Balance, Cost Price, Std. Selling Price, Costing Method and Market Valuation Method and so on. The Stock Query report is broadly categorized into four sections :

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Godown/Batch Details
  • Items of the same group

Each of the above sections are explained below :

Purchases The Purchases section displays details such as Last Purchased on, Party Name, Purchased Quantity, Purchased Rate alongwith details of purchase transactions with Voucher Date, Party name, Voucher no., Quantity, Rate, Discount and Amount details etc.

Sales The Sales section displays details such as Last sold on, Party Name, Sold Quantity, Selling Rate alongwith details of Sales transactions with Voucher Date, Party name, Voucher no., quantity, rate, discount and amount details etc.

Godown/Batchwise Details This section displays the details of godown where the such stock is available with the batch and quantity details.

Items of the same category This section displays the list of items which are of similar category/nature.

Viewing Stock Query Report

The Stock query report provides complete information about the selected stock item for eg,. stock position of a selected stock item at any point of time, latest purchase and sales, godown where such stock is available etc.


To view the Stock Query Report

From Gateway of Tally> Display> Statements of Inventory> Stock Query> Select the Item from List of Items.

The Stock Query report appears as shown :

tally erp 9 help

Note: The Voucher No. details will be displayed only when you navigate from Voucher Types.


F12: Configuration in Stock Query Repor

To view configuration screen, press F12: Configure from Stock Query report

tally erp 9 price
  • Set Show Related Items of same Group to Yes, for displaying all items under the same Stock Group.
  • Set Show all Aliases of the item to Yes, for displaying the alias for the item entered in the Stock Item Master.
  • Set Show Remarks of the Item to Yes, for displaying Remarks entered in the Stock Item master.
  • In the Show Last Nos. of Transactions field, enter the number of transactions to display
  • Set Show All Godown / Batches ( balance) to Yes, for displaying all the zero balance godown / batch details related to this stock item.
  • Set Show Transactions of All Parties to Yes, for displaying transactions of all the parties’ for the stock item selected.

Note : When you press F12:Configure from Stock Journal / Receipt Voucher / Payment Voucher / Journal Voucher, Show Transactions of All Parties option will not be available.

Button Options in Stock Query Report

F4:Item : This option is used to toggle / select other stock items from the same report.

F5: Show Stat Info. : This option displays the Tax Information and VAT Information (as defined in the Stock Item master) for the selected Stock Item.

F6: Show Re-Orders : This option displays the Re-Order Status of the selected stock item.

F7: Price List : This option allows you to view the Price List created for the selected Stock Item.

C: Contact :This option display the contact details of the party which is selected in the invoice (This option will be available only when you navigate to stock query from voucher types).

The Stock Query Report with F5: Show Stat Info. and F6: Show ReOrders options enabled displays as shown :

tally erp 9 pdf

Stock Query – Item Price List

Press F7: Price List to view the Price List for the selected Stock Item


Purchase Voucher Display

To view Purchase Voucher display for the selected transaction
  • Highlight the required transaction in the Purchase section of Stock Query Report and press Enter

The Voucher Display will appear as shown :

learn tally erp 9
To view in detailed mode, press Alt+F1 from the above screen.
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